Bloodbound Bus: Advice

If you are afraid of someone like Mr. Li hurting you, there is a mechanism of addressing this in Canada, which is calling the police.

If you are wrong about that person actually being specifically dangerous to you, the police will investigate, but ultimately leave that falsely accused person alone.

It is important we have such a system, which I am sure you would agree.

Our system is not going to help you if you are merely afraid of someone for something they did years ago, while suffering from something that destroyed the capacity for judgment.

If you are afraid of someone, they should not be locked up immediately and remain detained for the rest of their lives.

I am sure you agree with that too, as, at this very moment, someone may be afraid of you for their own reasons.

The facts are that Mr. Li was psychotic at the time of the incident and thus was rightly found to be NCR.

He has since recovered and remained symptom free for an extended period of time, thus establishing that treatment is effective if undertaken correctly.

He has demonstrated a sustained improvement in his functioning and has not demonstrated any aggression to anyone.

He behaves as a completely different person while non psychotic- which would be the same finding for myself or any other human being incidentally- and thus has followed the necessary protocols to gain his freedom back again.

This has been agreed upon by experts.

Now before you roll your eyes when I use the words ‘experts’, I would ask you to allow me to define what I mean by ‘experts’.

‘Experts’, in this case, refer to people like forensic psychiatrists and review board members, who each have one or several decades of experience with people with Schizophrenia, especially when it comes to violence. They are likely the best people to judge whether Mr. Li is likely to become violent again.

Do you have a better suggestion?

The only conditions that have been imposed upon Mr. Li by these experts are related to his medical treatment of Schizophrenia and ensuring he maintains compliance with it. This includes frequent mental health check ups by these same experts, looking for any signs of relapse, among other aspects of Mr. Li’s mental health and life in general.

If someone is afraid of Mr. Li now, the burden of proof is on the accuser to demonstrate a current and specific risk, for the police or anyone else to intervene.

Based upon how Li has done, it is likely the police won’t have a problem with him living in Winnipeg, or anywhere else for that matter, and hopefully, he can continue to live his own life and find meaning in relationships, occupation, hobbies, and the rest of the stuff we all find meaning in.

Simon Trepel, MD


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