Several Liner Facebook Posts From 11/9 #Election2016

I have just realized that of my 404 Facebook friends, 399 are Democrats. And each has posted a very unhappy message this morning.

The Canadian Government website for immigration to Canada has officially crashed. The Dow has dropped over 700 points, worse than after 9/11. The Mexican Peso is plummeting.  It’s a Trumpocalypse.

The election taught me yet again that men are allowed to do whatever they want and women are to be held to impossible standards. Also, I can no longer deny to myself that America has become a much different country than I could have ever imagined.

We are officially living in Revenge of the Sith. The Jar-Jar Binks vote has overwhelmed everything tonight.

If it makes you feel better, the majority of Trump supporters were not voting *for* racism and sexism but *despite* it. They were simply left behind by a system that didn’t work for them and were supporting someone who promised (and personified) change.

At times like this, I find that I, like all human beings, want SOMEONE TO BLAME. We prefer narrative explanations of events – a plot, involving characters – and of course every good narrative needs a villain. It’s all THEIR fault, we want to say.

What a colossal disappointment. America has elected to live in a misogynistic, racist, delusional, anti-human rights reality television show.

Alright single Canadians. Time to make yourselves a profile on American tinder! You’re hot commodities right now… Cash in!

If you ignore the reality of an oncoming truck, and pull your family out in the street, people are going to die. Reality does not care about your personal beliefs. Not believing in the truck will not prevent it from killing you.

The kid gloves are off. We all need to challenge our racist family members, colleagues and friends (we all have them and know them). No more apologies for their ignorance. I’ll continue to “ruin” dinner parties and conversations. Politeness is not an option.

Do you remember where you were during OJ’s escape?  How about Princess Di’s death?  How about 9/11?  Do you recall what you were doing during the Big Short?  Today I will remember where I was when the ‘Big Sniff’ went down.

Goodbye Crimea.  Goodbye sanctions. Goodbye to a strong United NATO.  Hello to the First Putin Puppet President. If you are Ukrainian and voted for Trump… your ancestors just rolled over in their graves.  Putin just bought the White House

Waiting for the stock market to open. Going to buy me some shares in wall building material companies in the States and ladder and rope companies in Mexico.

I laughed when Trump promised to build a wall. What I didn’t realize was that, by the time the last vote was counted, it would already be built. Maybe not with stone, but with something, apparently, much harder to tear down. I also didn’t realize how many other walls there would be.

Dear Canadian friends: Americans actually don’t give a f@ck what you think about their election. So, before you bust an aneurysm, put your toque on, go get a Timmies and watch hockey highlights on TSN while cuddling your Trudeau cardboard cut outs. The world will go on tomorrow…

An election has never made me actually wipe away tears until now. WTF America. I never would have believed you were this hateful and angry and xenophobic. Way to prove me wrong. Ps. Everyone else: feel free to come up to Canada. We have lots of ketchup chips and love.

To my American friends: I am deeply, deeply sorry. My heart is broken for you, and for the turn your country has taken. Please protect one another, please help and support those who are scared for their future, and please know the rest of North America is as horrified as you…

Trump is not the first sociopath to lead a nation. He is not the ONLY current sociopathic national leader.  He’s just the first American one.  Health care.  Women’s right to choose. The environment. Minority rights. Immigration. Freedom of religion. World trade. World economy. World war. The fall of the American Empire.

Don’t worry America. You will be just fine – unless you are brown, black, Latino, a woman, work minimum wage, have a medical condition, drink water, or live near sea level.

I’ve avoided saying anything re: the US Election. Nothing seems to be gained from joining such a polarized debate. Here’s what I believe we might all be able to agree on: no matter who is elected nothing will change (not really), and that we will see a remarkable alternative choice arise in 2020 who will win that election.

Trump didn’t win. Racism won. Sexism won. Hate won. Rape cultural won. Homophobia won. Lack of education won. I’m disappointed. This election was beyond disgraceful. As a Canadian, I’d like to extend my deepest condolences to America. Goodnight cruel world…..or breakfast.

The country, indeed the world, was sharply, crisply divided during the campaign. Let’s hope the way forward is different … is better.


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