Paragraph Facebook Posts From 11/9 #Election2016

Does this mean that Trump is to be the most powerful person in the world and have a buddy called Putin? Global warming is going to win? Animals die? People keep putting down Mexicans? The guy who said Obama was not a citizen? The guy who wants to add a religion check to America? The guy who is ripping up the free trade agreements? The man who calls women pigs and cows?  Is this a joke?

One of the many horrible things last night’s U.S. election results undeniably proved, once and for all, is that for all the rhetoric of meritocracy and that women should get the job if they’re the “most qualified”; it’s nothing more than illusionary, dismissive, distracting, justifying patriarchal fiction.  No matter whether you liked or felt all fuzzy about Clinton … she was the MOST qualified candidate and certainly the most meritorious.  We still have a long way to go women … mad love and respect to all our sisters fighting the good fight.

For all of the moralizing the Republicans and the Christian Right loosely base on the bible, I’m surprised they aren’t as familiar with the antichrist foreshadowed in earlier books and revealed in the book of Revelations. Congratulations Americans, you just elected a personification of the antichrist because you chose to read only the parts of your book that fuel your hate and not the parts that warn you of your impending downfall.

When it comes to the election of Trump, it’s very tempting to point a finger at, for example: racist rednecks, the Republican Party, Fox News and Murdoch, the MSM more generally, the Washington Establishment, the peddlers of neo-liberal economics, the abstaining Millenials, the Democrats that scuppered Bernie, etc. Where we point our finger of blame will be largely determined by the political views we already hold – we’ll choose the villain that fits, that best makes sense on, our pre-established narrative.  Of course, the last place we’ll point the finger of blame is at ourselves, for we are always the heroes of our own narrative.  So what’s your preferred story and villain?!

The Democratic National Committee conspired against Bernie Sanders to make sure that Clinton wins the Party nomination.  And from then on, it was just a matter of time. The Democratic Party does not believe in democracy. They proved that much throughout the Party nomination campaign.  If Sanders represented the DP, Trump would have not stood a chance.

I was hoping to be able to tell my kids that a misogynistic, Islamophobic, homophobic anti-Semitic racist would never be elected President; that the most powerful country in the world was in fact ready for a Female President. Alas I cannot. I am stunned by what has passed. But mostly I am saddened (and scared) by what this says about our society. I suspect history will judge, and judge us harshly…….

I have no judgement on the voters of America. We have our own hot, horrifying mess of problems up here. Every single day I get to meet individuals who are inspiring, who are creating change, who are living their lives to make the world a better place despite all the garbage, and they give me hope. I have hope for Canada, and I have hope for America. I’m sending love to everyone who is fighting the good fight to make things better. Actually, sending love to everyone.

Just a friendly reminder that Trump won courtesy of a system made for white people.  It ain’t even been 12 hours and already I see so many Black, indigenous, racialized, Muslim communities doubling down, checking in on one another, organizing. White people, hope you recognize the work YOU NEED TO DO TOO. Again, this system was made for y’all. Trump won because of the of the acceptability of casual racism and sexism, the lack of intersectionality in white feminism, the systemic suppression of Black people, of ongoing colonization of indigenous lands, of the belief in “illegal immigration”, of institutionalized Islamophobia, of the pervasiveness of rape culture, of your shady racist relative/neighbor/childhood friend who you ignore because they’re “rogue” or whatever, of oppressive “jokes”. Polls were so wrong because people lie.  Hope we take the time to interrogate how you, we, I contribute to the acceptability of a fundamentally oppressive status quo. Looking forward to seeing more white people (everywhere, including in Canada) step up.

If you want to know why Trump did better than Romney, you cannot find your answers in things that were the same between this year and 4 years ago. You have to look at a difference.  The biggest difference is that Trump and Romney (and McCain) is that Trump sold a package of racial hatred, and white people bought that package.  One cannot blame Clinton’s “dishonesty” or “corruption” for these results because there is no objective evidence of dishonesty or corruption. There is only a sexist desire to believe that she was dishonest or corrupt by people who were uncomfortable with the idea of a woman President.

We just elected Hitler Lite.We said it could not happen here. We thought that we were too good to head down that road.Well, here we are.Our first priority must be for the defense of the innocent people that Trump and his supporters have threatened to attack. We cannot turn a blind eye to injustice. That cannot be our legacy.Expect hate crimes – violent hate crimes – to go up significantly. Expect violent attacks against people of color, Muslims, Latinos, and anything that represents their culture. Expect the victims, and those who know victims, to get angry at their unjust treatment and want to strike back.This is not good.

More than half of America officially doesn’t care about women, Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, Jews (oh you wait for it – it’s coming too), or Native Americans. What they do care about is lame charisma, celebrity, and fake promises. It is more obvious now than ever as Canadians we think & see things so different compared to our American neighbours. Hopefully we can help them rise above, break down ‘the system’ and rebuild it. Scary stuff.

As a rule, I don’t post personal stuff on Facebook, but “champion of the working class my a$$.”  Since last night, my wife and I – middle-class Americans who have worked hard and saved responsibly – have been trying to figure out how to salvage the rest of our lives from policies engineered to put money into the pockets of the very wealthy.And things look darker by the hour.I am entering the “anger” phase.

White folks:If the election of Obama signified the post-racialism nirvana you touted, are we now back to racism? Can you now accept once and for all that racism is the default in your community and your home? Like we’ve told you over and over again. That you play the race card through your political machine? Black folks:If the election of Obama had us feeling like ‘we made it’, are we now back to square one? Was our apparent ‘making it’ just about the White House? An 8 years job description for one of us in the towers of babel? Is this it? Is having the highest position in white spaces what ‘making it’ is about?I pray that we can all replace our simple notions of what freedom looks and feels like for one that is genuine, deep, radical, and irrevocable.Canada, this applies to you too.


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