One Liner Facebook Posts From 11/9 #Election2016

This feels like Y2K times 19 trillion.

How do I explain this to my children in the morning?

They should’ve paid their teachers better.

I’m glad I got to see as much of America as I did, before it collapsed.

I am beyond flabbergasted and beyond disgusted. I am flabberdisgusted.

I’ve eaten all my kids Halloween candy just watching tonight’s news…

This seems like the best day to stay off Facebook.

Dear Google…  How do you impeach a President?

I want to call Hillary and tell her how sorry I am. I can’t help it, I am Canadian!

Trump won, but Starbucks is still open this morning. Maybe everything will be okay after all?

Canada has just started building a wall.

Big finale tonight on House of Cards! Worst season ever.

Watching my kids sleep, fearful for the world they are going to inherit.

For all my American friends, the citizenship and immigration website is down! Get in line!

The Democratic Party is the reason the Democrats lost.

So someone slipped LSD into my tea yesterday, and this is all a bad acid trip, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Biff Tannen – President Elect of the USA. Come on Marty, we need you to take a spin in the DeLorean.

Dear America, did u try Ctrl-Alt-Del ?

Just want to thank my parents – again – for immigrating to Canada in time for me to be born north of the 49th.

“The sun will rise again in the morning”, says Obama, in a completely unconvincing tone…….

Anyone else invest in parka futures?

How about that one way ticket to Mars?

The day was actually 11/9 he just turned America on its head.

Did the FBI choose the leader of the free world. Is it still the free world?

Well on the bright side, we get 4 years of Alec Baldwin.

It begins: Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition

Real life House Of Cards just morphed into Louse With All The Cards. I refuse to binge watch this one.

This feels like the Brexit of North America.

Holy crap, America, WTF??  I am feeling physically ill right now.

So it is likely that the US will move from its first African American President to one endorsed by the KKK. No words.

Hey middle American Whites…..looks like not going to college has finally paid off…..

Congratulations to all Republicans without preexisting conditions!

Well, now I know how Trump supporters felt when they woke up 4 & 8 years ago.

I, for one, welcome our new American Overlord. I shall be spared. The rest of you, not so much.

Remember how hilarious we were when we thought George Bush and Sarah Palin were absolutely the worst thing ever? We were adorable.

Drinking. Because. Holy crap.

The American media took Trump literally but not seriously. His supporters took him seriously but not literally.

Well he’s better than Cruz.

So Donald, is the election system still rigged, or was that only if you lost???

America had its first black President, and now they have their first orange President! 

Wow think about the massive Trump statue he is going to have built, it’s going to be tremendous!

The leftist media did not decide this election. The American people did.

Hey, look who just got voted Cheetos-in-Chief.

Remember to set your clocks back 50 years!

I wonder who Hillary Clinton could possibly have won against…

On a positive note, I bet Bruce Springsteen’s next album is going to be really good.

Dear America, it was fun while it lasted but don’t call me anymore. -World

How excited are we for Saturday Night Live?

Today in the States: Hatred vs Corruption. Extra happy to be a Canadian!


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