Trump is Charlie Sheen’s Fault #Trump

There is a swath of primitive, angry Americans, who feel like their racist and oppressive views never get a fair shake.

They are the same Americans who continue to troll Homosexuals on Facebook, Mexican people trying to earn a living, or Muslim people just about anywhere. They feel like ‘their way of life’ is continually being threatened, because they are asked to cooperate with the rest of us: Sharing the same roads, bandwidth, or planet.

But these people are very different from you and I. They are lost and impressionable: Persuaded by extreme rhetoric, as opposed to facts; adept at replacing math or compassion, with Evangelical speeches.

These Trumpsters continually fall for promises delivered by leaders who deepen divides, but do little to make people’s lives much better. And their biggest influences? Fox News, their racist friends, and detached celebrities they will never meet.

Have you ever tried talking calmly with one of these people? They can’t tolerate discussing actual issues facing their families, communities, or states; saving those debates until they are intoxicated or screaming at other angry choir members, about how they are being threatened despite ‘now’ being ‘their’ time.

They are the humans dressed up like adults, who hide the fact that their preschool views on society more closely resemble those of other insecure childhood bullies.

They blame Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, or Trans people for all their problems and believe that if only everyone on their block was White and Right, it would finally be perfect. I can’t square that information with the fact that 99.9% of shootings in America were by non Muslims.

Or that corporations have much more to do with unemployment or health care than religion.

White and Right people often neglect the staggering amount of privilege they have enjoyed just to live in a ‘safe’ (well, besides the ubiquitous gun problem) country, or to be in positions to work and earn things in the first place; as opposed to wandering from Syria to Europe, looking for scraps of food or freedom.

They are the poor students of history, remaining ignorant about the selfless and courageous people that created the Democratic and Capitalist society they enjoy and complain about. They think 9/11 was the only international tragedy: They hold permanent grudges, waiting to get even against someone wearing a turban or niqab.

What about Nagasaki, or Hiroshima? Atomic bombs may help put 9/11 into perspective, unless you feel that (2,996) Americans are worth more, per capita, than (183,000) Asian people.

Trump is the choice for the slackers of the world that don’t have the time or intellect to properly understand the current problems of America. He is the choice for those with the uncanny combination of: Naive hatred towards people they have never met, a semi-functional Twitter account, or NRA membership. These same people have been waiting to finally have their messages of intolerance be accepted by the mainstream, and have found their hero in a man who consistently demonstrates no real understanding of facts, data, or how to work with others in realistic ways.

Sometimes I think America’s favorite export is arrogance, and that Trump learned what he needed to know from Charlie Sheen.


Most didn’t seem to care that Charlie Sheen was grandiosely disintegrating all over the internet as he proclaimed his blood stronger than the rest of ours. We actually kind of believed him at the start, because anyone who has been in a movie or on TV must, in some way, have it figured out better than we have.

We have only recently learned why he thought his blood was so dangerous.

Some believed he was winning because he said he was. I don’t think he feels like he is winning anymore, causing ‘Oppressed Whites’ to go looking for their next hyperbolizing champion.

This Trump thing isn’t really Charlie Sheen’s fault: They are both symptoms of a First World society that no longer knows how to rationally understand itself. The daily multitasking and inundation inevitably starts to dilute fundamental truths about health care, planned parenthood, education, global growth and possible (proven) warming.

I will admit this: It confuses me too sometimes (often).

But I am not so quick to cash in the resources of my frontal lobe and become the next pathetic lemming that has decided the bully with the biggest mouth and loosest morals, is the best Captain of any ship.

We never hear about how Trump went bankrupt 4 times since 1991; rather we are told that he is the next best thing to happen since (Great) walls were invented. He is a business man that only brags about what he has done, never what he has learned.

When you are that rich, it is easy to start treating everyone around you like the expendable maid or gardener; but to summarize the entire country of Mexico into terms like ‘criminals and rapists’, only to 4 months later indicate ‘the Mexican people love me’, is begging for a several day involuntary psychiatric assessment.

Trump’s ideas are usually short sighted, narcissistic, redundant, circular, and full of Stuart Smalleyisms: I’m really great and China loves me.

I have news for you Trump, we have caught on to your authoritative parent logic. We see through the vagary of ‘I will be a great Commander-In-Chief because I said so’. We see through your smokescreen, and unlike your supporters, we tire of your misplaced hot air enemas.

I don’t care if you are a celebrity, even though that seems to earn you a free pass with many Americans who likely also feel that Jenny McCarthy’s Google searches somehow outweigh Medical Degrees.

j mccarthy 2

Trump is the Charlie Sheen of American politics, who has seemingly generated a cult-like following by people incapable of recognizing the dehumanizing messages, behind the bright lights of feigned celebrity confidence or authority.

He is the same kind of person that cuts you off in traffic, and then gives you the finger for being in his way in the first place.


At what cost?

You seem just like Charlie Sheen to me, Mr. Trump, and I hope people are not so easily amused or persuaded.

And I wish you the best of luck, once your bid for President is over. I have a feeling you are going to need it, along with a whole bunch of Tiger Blood.

Simon Trepel, MD

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3 thoughts on “Trump is Charlie Sheen’s Fault #Trump

  1. perry says:

    Its been years in the making with societal and demographic change, with the astonishing spread of hate and fear on 24 hour news, with a heavily promoted perception of reality that is so twisted and skewed, that a narcissistic populist demagogue can shout profanities, threaten gender, races and culture and continue the undermining of the fourth estate . No mistake about it, Trump is a disaster for the body politic in the US and sadly Canada is not all that immune (ie Trump wanna be Kevin O’Leary)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Zoa says:

    The fact that ‘The Simpsons’ parodied our brain dead, celebrity worshipping culture by having Trump be a presidential candidate around a decade ago in one of their cartoons makes me feel like not only have we stooped to a level that I would have never dreamed possible but we have become a parody of a parody in the process. Yeah, that wasn’t very well worded but f*ck it. I was saying anything new anyways.

    Liked by 1 person

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