Can I Have Your Attention? #DoubleSlit

Can I Have Your Attention?

September 6, 2015

Experiments in particle physics have found that where you put your attention, is of the utmost importance.

Even at a scale so tiny, it almost doesn’t seem to matter, your gaze changes everything.

peeking 1
If you watch an electron, approaching several doors, it will pick one, and act like a particle.

If you don’t watch, it will become a wave, allowing it to travel through all the doors, none of the doors, a few of the doors several times, and any combination imaginable.

Putting your attention on something, collapses this Quantum Wave Function, as an infinite amount of possibilities, becomes only one reality.

black hole 3

Even as you read this, it seems like a normal essay, made up of straightforward concepts that make sense.

But all around you, in the Human Quantum Soup of possibilities, unexpected things are happening.

audience 1

And when you finish here, and click another link, you will discover something.

Yet another, almost impossible thing popped up, when you weren’t looking.

Enjoy the wave!

Simon Trepel, MD

Simon Trepel, MD FRCPC, is a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, in Winnipeg, Canada.  He is an Assistant Professor, at the University Of Manitoba, in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Co-founder of the GDAAY Clinic.  He is, more importantly, the proud Father of 2 beautiful Daughters.  He writes in his spare time about things he knows something about, and occasionally about things he doesn’t; like Yoga, and Italian flavored coffees.  As well as Quantum Physics.

Check out his Blog, called Simon Says Psych Stuff, at


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