How We Build Reality #Consciousness

How We Build Reality

Excerpts From Earlier Work

August 25, 2015

About 9 Months, before you were born, just after fumbling zippers, there was a Big Bang.

zipper 3

And suddenly with conception, came another entity, another ‘you’, with an ability to form a concept.

This early disorganized swirl, of cells and electricity, was the birthplace of your subjective universe.

big bang 1

And as skin stretches, and bones elongate, thoughts expand into space around us.

Concept becomes perspective, and eventually, we realize we are the star, of our own show.

Self-Concept is now born.

But really, it is the creation of just another lonely soul, rearranging a few things, on a rock in space, before moving on.

titanic 2

And the biggest challenge, as we all explore the outer world, is how we build our inner world.

This construction creates the foundation for how you understand reality, and just like the journey of a thousand steps, you build your reality, a piece at a time, as you bounce from one adventure to the next.

steps sand 3

Reality is built, by wandering the vastness of your conscience experience.

While you feel, deep down, that you exist ‘somewhere’; that place is more virtual than real.

The brain projects an Energy Plain, using software of the mind, that we experience as ‘I’.

Your internal computer hums along, somewhere between 4-45 Hz, allowing you to run internal virtual programs, just like Neo.

Your brain creates this experience of SELF AWARENESS, by generating a computed landscape of thoughts.


In this magical electromagnetic field, you can exist in infinite locations, corresponding to any experience imaginable.

And the experience of time, changes blank blueprints, into a topography of peaks and valleys.

The troughs, and gentle declines, represent patterns of ideas, concepts, and feelings that flow almost too easily; as the hobo of the mind strolls, to the next facile adventure.

digital la 2

The laborious uphills and inclines, in this virtual playground, represent ideas or feelings you find challenging, like exercise, or sticking to a diet.

And the higher the angles to the point, the more effort our avatar requires to climb the steep steps.

Self-excuses are Snakes, to lower states of Matters.

Yet when we persevere and pluck epiphanies out of the sky, our brain literally grows too, giving the mind more abilities.

Over the years, as our inner world takes shape, the Pangaea of the brain slowly divides.

pangeae 1

Separations in neural nationalities of thought occurs, becoming electrical projections of distinct continents of mind, drifting apart with unique terrains.

From uterus, to the awareness that you exist, you have been actively shaping your future and destiny, by the ideas carried in your brain-pack, at each picnic along the way.

Walking reality’s roads actually builds the path itself, as both what the body does, and the mind imagines, become physically real to the brain.

stair 3

There are the soothing soft grasses, and gentle brooks whispering love’s name; the wanderer knows the Siren calls of this continent well.

And there are the color-by-number continents of math and non-fiction, with countries mandated by fact.

Nearby, there are islands of unstable emotional land masses, fictional highs and lows, swamps and cliffs.  These dangerous areas wait on the horizon; volcanoes filled with hot emotions.

volcano 2

Yet, it is often important to risk the danger and reach the pinnacle, for, in those eruptions of truths lie new springs of wisdom.

Inside our eclectic electric world, many K2’s exist, such as; ‘Is it okay to abort a fetus’, or ‘Is it okay to support Euthanasia?’

On our bravest and most courageous days, we tackle these challenging mounds, using footholds of facts, to scale complex ideals.

It is important to seek questions, as well as answers, as you Reach For The Top.

k2 1

While the ideas and values we develop are important guides, in this immense playground of the mind, the true Sherpas are time, ushering us along, one hand a second.

The unconscious universe may be timeless, but the Newtonian explorer marches compliantly, in one direction.

Our conscious story proceeds, as a unidirectional slideshow; it is the entire vacation of your existence.

Behind this wanderer is YOUR past, a brilliant topography of your memories and past experiences.

Right in front of you are the limitless numbers of roads yet to be trod by each footstep of choice.

Right beside you are the always changing landscapes, ideas and values sewn in memes, carried with you.

fractal 2

The ones you carry in your heart, spread out like welcoming gardens and meadows.

These are your favorite paths, of least resistance.

lanscappe 6

Other, more difficult concepts or controversies, erect nearby dark jungles, and treacherous peaks.

Many times there are safe ways through or above, just outside the view of the mind’s eye.  When we ignore the facts, charting the best course through, these mysterious places slow down the wanderer.

Life’s weighted poker chips, on both shoulders.

I always think of where my thoughts are, at any given time in my mind, similarly to an EKG blip, like the kind you see in an Emergency Room.

The little dot, forever sprinting in one direction, running up and down hills and mountains, and sprinting on the flats.

ekg 1

In the mind, this dot is you, playing a Side-Scroller game, of here and now, mixed with before, and what is about to come.

But the blip, on the 2 dimensional ER screen, moves freely in the 3-D generated space called consciousness; light cycles on TRON’s grid.

lite cycle 4

The foundation of our thoughts is this dazzling honeycomb, essentially flat at birth.

With every new experience, an impression is made, a pattern in your growing understanding of reality.

honeycomb 1

Throughout our life, this blank slate becomes a panoramic fractal of textures, like an expanding kaleidoscope nest, in a make-believe Planetarium of the skull.

fractal 5

While ideas themselves are lighter than a feather, they bear the heaviness that we give them.

Friction can develop in the mind’s space; ideas can take on more gravity.

gravity 2

Some undulations, in the arcing path, make it easier for the wanderer inside to stroll along.

There are other times, where obtuse plates shift, and the beginnings of future impasses slowly take shape.

These specific paradigms are like Mount Everest, taunting our ill-equipped inner adventurers, the sheer mass and weight almost impossible to scale.

everest 2

However, it is only once you clamor to the very top, that you are finally able to see the mystery, on both sides of the backbone.

An interesting thing often happens, near the peak of understanding.  Viewing both perspectives allows the for the wonder of integration; swallowing the large and difficult, into the small and conquerable.

With information, empathy, and the knowledge that we are the wanderer, we can all make mole hills out of mountains.

Check out Part 2 of How We Build Reality, sometime in the near future.

Simon Trepel, MD

Simon Trepel, MD FRCPC, is a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, in Winnipeg, Canada.  He is an Assistant Professor, at the University Of Manitoba, in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Co-founder of the GDAAY Clinic.  He is, more importantly, the proud Father of 2 beautiful Daughters.  He writes in his spare time about things he knows something about, and occasionally about things he doesn’t; like Yoga, and Italian flavored coffees.  Thank you to those who recognize some of this work, from prior essays by me.

Check out his Blog, called Simon Says Psych Stuff, at



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