The Energy In All Of Us2. Energy Whisperers. #Energy

The Energy In All Of Us2

Energy Whisperers

July 25, 2015

It fuels the traffic of our mind, first starting time’s engine, then gives us the wheel.

And for a very long time, for some until death, this energy can seem invisible.

Sure, it is odorless, tasteless, and you can’t pinch it, but the same can be said for love and debt.

So it is not that hard to imagine, that for some, it can remain unnoticed.

But, then there are those of us, who meet things much larger, than we thought things could be.

magic mike 2

And at those Magic Mike moments, we reach deeper into our private parts, and grind out new models of thought, and being.

These are the moments, where life can hollow you out so much, it is easier to get deeper.

And just like this planet, that created an atmosphere, our uterus in the cosmos, and then created us; if you go deep enough, there is fire.

earths core 2

This fire, that was there all along, reveals itself, as life’s challenges force us to grow.

What once burns, becomes integrated into passion, and awareness.  We start to see our struggles as defining moments of truth, where the things that actually matter were finally brutally visible.

And if we are lucky enough, to survive life’s many mini crucifixions, and expand even larger than the obstacles, things start to look different.

One no longer sees problems, just limited time to choose from an infinite path of tales with different textures.

But the main characters will remain: love, hate, support, envy, hope, fear, intimacy and isolation.

And then there are those of us, who realize, it is all just a game of energy.

You can dig deep enough, into the fractal consciousness, to see the pattern within the pattern.

fractal 4

That place of understanding, where you realize; there is no you.

There are just other versions of you, with different kinks in their consciousness antennae.

The data transmitted from the cloud is the same, but the interpretations are Younique: a myriad of equal human shapes, colors, and points of view.

faces 2

There are people who believe there is a Universal Consciousness, transmitting a signal we humans experience as consciousness.

Some become aware of this signal, an internal energy they experience as free will; thought intensity, emotional control, and intentional action.

The ones that learn to harness this electricity; become the Energy Whisperers.

These Silver Surfers have learned, that if you control the energy inside of yourself, it allows you to control the energy of other (selves).

sliver surfer 3

They have practiced intensity of thought, and discovered meditation and nonjudgmental intentions. They can see people’s choices within their own contexts, and contracts.

They have massaged emotions into kindness, and understanding, and have found places of peace in raging seas.

They have ensured their actions are based upon advancing us all, instead of just some.  Because they know we are all one, all equally worthy of salvation.

To read more about how your energy can affect another, please see TEIAOU5, Taming Dragons.

We may have an unlimited amount of this energy, distributed to us over this lifetime.

You have enough to help, and avoid aggression.

A failure to help another version of oneself; is merely self loathing.

Tune in for TEIAOU3, Electron Souls.

Simon Trepel, MD

Simon Trepel, MD FRCPC, is a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, in Winnipeg, Canada.  He is an Assistant Professor, at the University Of Manitoba, in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Co-founder of the GDAAY Clinic.  He is, more importantly, the proud Father of 2 beautiful Daughters.  He writes in his spare time about things he knows something about, and occasionally about things he doesn’t; like Yoga, and Italian flavored coffees.  He was not referring to coffee that tastes like an Italian person.

Check out his Blog, called Simon Says Psych Stuff, at



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