Stuck In Traffic, 2nd Intersection #poetry #lifeadvice #traffic

Stuck in Traffic- 2nd edit. May 14, 2015

Kids in bone cars ahead,
in the jam that life is.

Engines cool from the red,
belt click of night’s kiss.

Once alone with yourself,
in that pit stop of life.

You gaze in rear mirror,
success signals with strife.

Long hauls through meme pass,
all day’s lanes seams the same.

Take the offramp at last,
do not catch a past train.

You can plot many ways,
or burn tires down the path.

But there is no big secret,
every day you should laugh.

Navigate to the tip,
cruise to your potential.

Stay kind when the trip,
finds you presidential.

Always true to yourself,
steer not to misleading.

As the lies told to self,
win wars of defeating.

Mind the wind leading down,
and look out for life’s cliff.

Choose to make yourself proud,
do not let yourself drift.

And do not look ahead,
to see who is leading.

This drag race is yours,
life has no repeating.

If it’s all but a race,
then do not chance the curse.

To speed blind without breaks,
as you might finish first.

Do not take what is left,
try to do what is right.

Because when you turn wrong,
dreams crash hard in that night.

Stop signs will seem many,
detours at all stations.

Let blue sky or rainy,
become destinations.

So relax in your seat,
there’s enough time to be.

In the end it’s not over,
trust it’s just hard to see.

Simon Trepel, MD


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