How To Treat People #poetry #kindness #meme

How To Treat People

May 17, 2013

Treat everyone like you know they will die tomorrow.

Your own realization that this is indeed possible should marinate your manner, tenderizing your emotions into a continual kindness.

At every eye contact during your day, an escalating enlightenment will allow you to transcend the mundane minutia of conflicts and competition.

You will win. and so will they.

When we win as one wired web of wonder and weird, the human race crosses the line of material blindness, to the next step.

Evolution by shared meme, a social transcendence to kindness, that unfetters us for our own unique purposes.

Simon Trepel, MD

Simon Trepel, MD FRCPC, is a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, in Winnipeg, Canada.  He is an Assistant Professor, at the University Of Manitoba, in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Co-founder of the GDAAY Clinic.  He is, more importantly, the proud Father of 2 beautiful Daughters.  He writes in his spare time about things he knows something about, and occasionally about things he doesn’t; like Yoga, and Italian flavored coffees.  He was not referring to coffee that tastes like an Italian person.

Check out his Blog, called Simon Says Psych Stuff, at



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